why [i] post?

I gotta hand it to Andrew Campbell he got in my head. So did Derek Rhodenizer and Mark Carbone. A few weeks ago I sat with a gathering of fascinating edu-individuals that were among other things looking at future school through a social media lens.

There was a lot to chat about teachers building brands and whether edu-entrepreneurs had credibility if they were no longer connected to a classroom. Somehow the group honed in on the bits that Andrew was sewing together about superstar teachers and disconnectedness and keeping our feet on the ground as we soar through social media.

Several edu-highfliers were scrutinized for maybe not being authentic or honest in their blatant marketing attempts.

So now I feel like I gotta work through this.

Am I interested in building a brand?

If not, why do I reflect in public and post out to a PLN?

If so, how does my PLN perceive me and my posts?

to be continued…IMG_6860.JPG

2 responses to “why [i] post?”

  1. Great bloog I enjoyed reading


    1. Thanks for reading my blog.


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