I need some ‘me‘ time.

Some time to figure things out.

You know, find myself.

Truth is we are too connected.

And its not really possible
to avoid you,
though I have tried.

I’m stepping up
my game.

think of this as
a digi-restraining order –
please don’t loiter.
While I keep my space,
you back off a bit.

Its tough though.
Everwhere I go, there you are.
At work, on the street, on TV,
in my car.
My friends and family don’t get it.
And because they spend so much time
hanging with you,
its upsetting.
I feel pushed out.

They think everything is all good.
But I’m not feeling it anymore.
I’m so walking out that door
and nevermore
landing on this shore.

When we spend time together
its like you are somewhere else.
you are something else.

You seem


Thinking about other things.

Sending me mixed messages
about my habits,
and shopping,
and my friends.

Constantly ammended
that all you are interested in
is stuff.

Materialistic moments
wrapped in
likes and thumbs up.

Most of it seems
like it is
for someone like me.

Did you really ever like me?

[cont’d part twoitsUnotMe]

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