Interim – Day 1 – Rattled

Over a weekend I interviewed and successfully gained the position of Interim Head of Special Education at my High School. The position is short term, 10 days in length, but could be extended until the end of the semester.

I have been in Special Education for over a decade, but this is my first position of responsibility in this department.

These posts are going to focus on the questions that popped up on the daily.

Some got answered, some are still in process. Most questions I had some clue how to action, but even more have me chasing squirrels to find answers.

The questions [in no particular order]

What can you really do with a position of leadership that is 10 days long?

What should I focus on? Relationships? Mentoring? Just keep the boat straight and hope for good weather?

Who do I know that I can call if I need to?

Where did I put my walkie-talkie?

When do I tell the team that I am the Interim Head?

Should I move into the former Head’s office?

What’s my new extension?

Damn, the files I need are locked in that cabinet, where are the keys?

Damn, the files I need are in the former Head’s Google Drive, but I can’t contact her, can I?

When are the Regional Heads meetings? Who do I ask about that?

When am I going to get to my marking?

When are the department head meetings at my school?

What is your name again?

Who haven’t I met yet in my department?

Do I send an email to introduce myself as new Head or go talk to each member?

How many sections do we have? Why do I keep thinking about this question?

What other committees do I now need to be a part of?

How do we divide up the former Head’s caseload? Do we wait? Are the kids okay? Should I just cover the spread and figure it out later?

Were those boxes there this morning?

Where did I leave my lunchbag?

Where did I leave my coffee? Is it with my lunch bag?

How did it get to 4:00 PM so fast?

2 responses to “Interim – Day 1 – Rattled”

  1. That’s a lot to process for just 10 days, but important to consider in case it is extended. Good luck!


  2. SO Very Proud of You.


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