Interim – Day 3 – blindspots

Over a weekend I interviewed and successfully gained the position of Interim Head of Special Education at my High School. The position is short term, 10 days in length, but could be extended until the end of the semester.

I have been in Special Education for over a decade, but this is my first position of responsibility in this department.

These posts are going to focus on the ideas and questions that popped up on the daily.

Some got answered, some are still in process. Most questions I had some clue how to action, but even more have me chasing squirrels to find answers.


What do I do if support staff is absent?

Where did I leave my walkie talkie?

How did I get so booked up with meetings?

My lists!?

Are these office lights vibrating?

I wonder if you know that I don’t know, but you are asking because I should know … eeep, but I don’t.

Do I look like I know what I am doing? How about now? Now?

I think we need a department meeting … how do I decide if we need a department meeting?

I am not getting back to my lists am I?

That may have been a record day for emails sent out.

Its pretty fascinating to be able to see how much I was not paying attention to before I took this position. And now I have to pay attention to it.

I really am not sure how to do this damn reconciliation report. I can feel the spreadsheet allergies creeping in.

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