Interim – Day 6 – reality

Over a weekend I interviewed and successfully gained the position of Interim Head of Special Education at my High School. The position is short term, 10 days in length, but could be extended until the end of the semester.

I have been in Special Education for over a decade, but this is my first position of responsibility in this department.

These posts are going to focus on the ideas and questions that popped up on the daily.

Some got answered, some are still in process. Most questions I had some clue how to action, but even more have me chasing squirrels to find answers.


Whatever amount of time I think a thing will take- double it. One move is consistently taking two steps to make.

Need more long exhales. Need to stay off my toes … feel like I am constantly preparing to launch.

Losing track of my thoughts. Constantly.

I am manufacturing, noticing, and stressing about stress simultaneously. How is this even possible?

35 minute parent phone call- me all listening, them all big emotions.

This is not solvable right now, is it?

Avoid mono sensing. Stay open. See the obstacles as paths to possible solutions.

“It depends…”

That strange moment when you finish a task that Person A asked you to take care of, then Person A tells you to give it to Person B, and then Person B tells you the task was already completed…but thanks.

“I have a budget request…”

7:45 AM I arrived at school, 5 minutes later it was 4:30 PM.

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