i saw 
you wandering
through my wares
pulling open bags
ripping box tops wide
what did you hope
to find 
i was so busy
making change
that haggling 
self worth
and hoping 
nothing got damaged
or stolen
was impossible.
i thought
my door
was impassible,
but you,
heels kicked up,
grabbing snacks,
leaving crumbly
on the carpet,
without a 
right at home
in my house.

2 responses to “outstay”

  1. Outstaying welcomes can be your teachers purpose. Love the images in your piece. Always haggling for something and still crumbs are left on your carpet for you to examine, ponder, rage over, or sweep under another carpet. I can relate to your words Chris. Choices to be made in every moment….. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for dropping in Les. This piece was a sort of rough draft for my other piece ‘Charity’.


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