re: re

[for Dixie]

i am
skeptical of
words that start
with ‘re’.
they stand
there all
full of
all suggestions
that the mark
was missed a
first time
or that
there is a
place to go
back to
or that I
could have
but what of
the effort
taken to get
I just
won’t accept
any words
that suggest
a life can
only be lived

2 responses to “re: re”

  1. The ending lines here- “I just/ won’t accept /any words/ that suggest/ a life can/ only be lived/ forwards/ by/ undoing.” – capture something that I want to keep thinking about. Interestingly, I almost wrote “return to” but, for maybe the first time, caught the “re” and thought “no, I want to keep going forward with this idea, not go back to it.”

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    1. Some ‘re’ words still work for me. But I am digging into the ones that suggest the second time around is more envalued than being in the moment the first time. Thanks for the thoughts.

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