It's the last day of school;

a launchpad from the end of June
stripping off the year while in mid air to cannonball into the depths
of summer;

an uncomplicated exit after cleaning your classroom and finishing reports and packing up and handing in your photocopier card and room keys;

a moment of luxurious silence while staring at that one thing that you just noticed that was hidden in the far corner of your classroom;

a vainglorious victory of finding every key and favourite pen and travel mug that you lost;

a broken daily compulsive ritual that will be left fallow for two months unless your family and friends are teachers too;

an aching reminder 10 minutes distance into your commute of that one person that did not make it to the end of the school year;

and a mindshift from the definitive to the abstract because everything outside of the bells is your actual 'real life'.

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