Us tourists 
flock at this spot.

We wander the beach

squawking and eyeballing
the ground, and the rocks,
and the surf.

Clambering on top
of moss-thin edges

hoping to snap
a better picture
than any postcard.

Some are live streaming.

Some wear high heeled shoes.

Some stand for a long time,
staring out to sea.

A plaque reminds us:

Injury and death
Have rewarded careless
Sight seers here.
The ocean and rocks
Are treacherous.
Savour the sea
From a distance.

With the wind
and spray of the
salt it is impossible
to echo locate.

Parent stress is

Sound rushes in
at all degrees.

A family arguing.

My kids laughing.

Two gulls lording over
an up-turned trash can.

A child climbing a wall
to read a sign.

Unsafe Area.
Do not enter.

2 responses to “lighthouse”

  1. Nice, I could feel the spray and hear the squawking from here! 😀

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. It was remarkable to see the irreverence of humans. Some dropped garbage. Some treaded through protected spaces. Mind blowing.


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