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img_1917Right now I am a SERT in a public high school in Ontario and I am currently completing my PQP courses.

Before this I supported some phenomenal exceptional students with ASD by teaching them hospitality skills.

Before that I worked with students that have been suspended or expelled from their home school. Check out Pam Belding and her posts from #weraccess to see what’s going on in the program right now.

Before that, I started up an Alternative Education program and was fortunate to lead the department for 6 years.

Before that, I taught culinary classes and guidance counselled and taught learning strategies courses.

Before I became a teacher I cooked for a living.

Some of my posts follow my interests in EDU at the moment.

Some of my posts play with prose and poetry and pictures.

Some of my posts are podcasts. Please check out DeCodEd with Rolland Chidiac and Chasing Squirrels and Words Keep Wolves At Bay and Talk Me Through Your Process podcasts when you get a chance.


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