food is ..?

I start this course in a similar fashion every semester. I poke and prod the students with survey questions designed to explore their rules and beliefs that surround food. A large portion of the first week is spent in discussions surrounding favourite flavours, and shapes, and the ‘whys’ behind systems of thought that support the factContinue reading “food is ..?”


This bread lab is, hands-down, one of my favourite cooking labs. To be able to make bread from scratch is a skill that everyone should master. And the excitement that explodes from the students as they inspect their custom loaves is a joy to share. In making a simple loaf of bread, we commune with history andContinue reading “bread”


This has to stop. These moments of time travel give me headaches. I am standing in class, mid-lesson, mid thought- I blink it is 1985, I blink again and it is 2016. Where am I? The lights, the corkboard, the rows of desks. A fleeting sense of nostalgia chased by the grim reality of, well,Continue reading “futureproof”