something to write about

This is why
as fingers meet keyboard
cravings release all that's stored
in feelings about things and what's more,

listening and searching for 
one more reason to walk through that door [and]
one more way to hit the floor.

like a leap in this ballet
like an act in this play
like another rule to disobey; [I'm]

Obsessed [with]
thinking about every rhyme
counting every beat and line [and I won't stop]
measuring every word not mine.

courage that's drained from pens 
fear that tries to cleanse
compulsion that wants to end [making it]

to creep up upon without scaring
to leave unturned stones despairing
to notice life without caring [that]

never get better without the fight
rarely become clearer without some light [and]
often once found take flight.