collision 1

I am still in a silo.

AND the digital reach that I have pursued has not yet broken me out of it.


I am reminded of this daily, I guess in a good way, with every PD session I attend outside of my school board and with every podcast and with every virtual high five I see on Twitter.

My exploration of the outer reaches of EDU has always provoked new thinking and despite some differences, it is still unfortunately easy to find the similar.

Sometimes, I notice that I have just stepped into someone else’s silo. Bigger maybe, but still a silo. I feel kinda okay with this. Kinda. Mostly because my search is not over. Every time I reach out into my PLN I try to include more views, angles, dissonance, inspiration. However, the monochromatic nature of my sources has got to change. What am I missing? Who am I missing? Why did I miss it/them?

I found a bunch of post-its stuck -in-silo reflections at the bottom of my book bag, the scrap thoughts follow …

…build a silo, then add a window, skylight, deck, a garden, doors, add a playspace, invite people over, go visit friends, take some time to sit outside … maybe forget your keys, wander the neighbourhood … 

Building a brand is dangerous, I have noticed how ideas start to close rank, replicate, congratulate, and wither when a book deal hits social media. 

Dissonance is a necessary tension for deep learning.

Time away from EDU builds better thoughtfuel and imaginative mind traps to capture new views in the wilds.


I feel like a whole lot of random is shaking out of this ‘end of year’ moment. Things that I thought I would keep doing  I am suddenly less than happy to continue and other odd pieces are rising back up into my view. [check out my flipgrid questions]

All in all, it seems like, in addition to my disquieted mind I feel a change happening. It feels like nerves, or like an empty stomach grumble.

Internal. Primal. Uncontrollable.

And even though I often approach the even-keeled reliability of ‘truth’ with healthy skepticism, I am off balance enough right now to crave some truth.

So I’ll toss that comfort to the wall.

See what sticks.

Here’s where I am ending the school year.

Maybe these are only my truths for right now.

Or they are just my current provocations.

I do know that any collisions with my pedagogy will level-up my game.

In no particular order…


I am definitely not prepared for today.
Last night I sat, glued to the television 
as numbers flitted in and out, up and down, 
red and blue. Opinions and analyses challenged 
rational thought and slowly crashed hopes for 
a decent outcome. The desired outcome.

The realization grew in me that no matter 
the determined promises, the humane appeals, 
the jaded statements, the harsh, the cold, 
the targeted, the gravity of ignorance was 
slowly pulling world view out of balance.

So off to bed.

In my daydreams, I exist in spaces where 
questions are currency, tools, and bridges 
from self to others. Classless classrooms 
where inquiry deepens the commitment to 
understanding our world and then obligates us, 
like a contract, to believe that this power 
as knowledge brandishes no sword.

I wake and begin deflating.

I am definitely not prepared for today.

In my spaces power is flattened, 
decisions are collaborative, 
there is no cost for wrong answers.

Knowing by doing for learning, 
challenges irrational thought and slowly, 
hopefully, sense making of the mysterious 
unfolds in waves of shared momentum. 
We move together. 
We stay together.

A new inquiry breaks me.
What have we done?

Strapped into my growth mindset, 
differentiated to the nines, 
and seeking refuge in a fractured 
rite of passage a new view emerges. 
We cannot go back, but can I go forward?

I step into this new big picture, 
this fear filled landscape, 
pillared by grudge and grief and 
walled in with rusted rhetoric.

I am definitely not prepared for today.