why things end

beneath a surface-

thoughts flow

and erode

from below and

you won’t know

the danger

you are in


a moment

just before


just before

the cracks,

just before

the fall through,

just before

the gasp.

how things end

dust motes 

that dance in light

vibrations and waves

just degrees from

landing, collecting,

then stay aloft-

hoping they


become something

more than air-

a cool 

downward breeze 


a density forms,

motion stalls,

molecules still,

declare existence,

and demand

to be seen.


a piece from here 
a piece from there
not random really
all are from somewhere.
and its good to be aware
that for some a good finish
only comes after a great distance
from the start.
but those worth concern
know that an end is easy to earn
as long as you accept
that all of your pieces,
separate or together,
are still