I dare you.

Actively allow your thinking to to transform today … because your comfort zone will not help you with this one.

Listen to this podcast from NPR A Year Of Love And Struggle In A New High School .

My POV on education was shaken from the get go.

Shaken, abraded, and agitated.

In the three part story- hope, curiosity, frustration, anger, sadness, and elation came and went with such an active flow that I still, after listening twice to the whole series, have mixed thoughts.

Ron Brown College Preparatory High School in Washington D.C. is a startling example of the faith and determination necessary to support young men of colour in its district. The students, or ‘Kings’ as they are named, are so factioned by their edu silos that many observers question whether this project will ever completely lift-off, let alone find success.

At Ron Brown, the Care Team plays a pivotal role in helping students with everything from casual convos about life-stuff to interventional and restorative supports that keep kids in school and off streets.

One powerful takeaway is their method, embedded in their mission, to deal with behaviour issues differently.

Different means ‘No suspensions.’ Period.

As far as guiding mantras, this one has claws and teeth.

The challenges are legion in this forward thinking edu startup, but the team is ready to go. This podcast reminds me of the wide open spaces that my jurisdiction still has to explore in their pursuit of mental wellness initiatives as connected to the progressive discipline framework.

My thinking right now falls on my school board, to the components in the circle of care each school possesses that support of student success.

Code Green teams, the school based first aid responders, made up of teaching and non-teaching staff, is one spoke on this wheel.  And I wonder what a Code Green team for mental wellness could look like?

Who else would we need on the team to support mental and physical wellness?

Where could this team be used apart from triaging cuts and bruises?

What could this team contribute to crisis intervention, progressive discipline, and whole school wellness support?