After jumping in to 
save her athlete,
Andrea Fuentes said-
'We push through limits
and sometimes we find

A practical response
to being asked about
Anita Alverez fainting
while swimming.

A practical response
that sits well with 
the 'get things done'

I try and think of 
an educational 
equivalent and come 
up terrifically

Go ahead, Google the 
story. You'll see my 

What have we made
so common of an 
occurrence, that even
we are tired of hearing 
our stories?

There was once bounce
in our discussions,
in the trials, and 
the tribulations of our day.
'Wow, what a story! Well let
me tell you what happened

I remember a time I could 
show up at any party
and regale a moment 
from school to the non
teacher crowd and it would
be met with astonished looks
and earnest OMG's.

Those days have passed.
Those stories have lost
their magic.
We float out of harm's
way the moment we lock 
tired eyes with any
of our colleagues.

Something in this swimmer's 
story rhymes with this time 
of the year.

There are teachers I 
know that are at their

Some are sinking.

Some have sunk before.

Some are seeking medical 

Some did not even notice 
that they drowned.

And I just received 
a message on one of my 
digital classrooms- 
'Hey cluff!
You ready for summer?'

I am not sure.

I am suddenly realizing
that each of us are so 
deep in our stories-
that this year, even 
these last two years, 
has made our shared 
experiences questionable.

It's funny though,
talking about trips, 
and camps, and summer
plans has not made
my readiness any firmer.

Fuentes has said that 
this is not the first
time her swimmer has
fainted during a 

The drowning while
working metaphor is not
lost on me.

Two years of meeting
obstacles along a path 
is not the same as
two years of achieving

Some time off from
being consumed by the 
work; another metaphor
I know; would be a
nice change.

That is a summer
I am ready for.


by mid life I've become
far less gullible.

accepting that life to 100
ain't possible. 

since the men in my family die
early is unforgettable.

widthy not lengthy life goals 
are surely more plausible.