the story refolded
into straight lines
molded around
better times
and even though
we know better
this letter
won't fit
in the mail
we admit
that most 
of it
never happened.
funny that
as we grapple
with constant edits
wonder who said it
one truth
becomes true
even though
both of us
have tried
to say it better
no one
ever stays
for all of 
the credits.


not knowing
that you turned 
to face the world
means for me
that suddenly
my seesaw falls,
my swing slows,
you win some
i lose some.
and its obvious
in the space of others
or embrace of others,
this schooling on 
sharing will
be my undoing.
at the other tipped
end of the balance
in a trance
i tumble into that
place and never
hit bottom.