if you’re wonderin’
when’s the best time to be,
it’s now.

since you’ve given your time,
time and again;
connected the dots
without ink in your pen;
chosen other, not you,
earning a soul’s rent;

calendar’s cleared,
now be your own friend.

if your posts are timed
your lessons outlined and
future defined,
reflect now.

admit self and mind are
thinned or frayed;
avoided hard convos
and mistakes that were made;
maybe chose to leave
when you should of stayed;

your time is all gone,
your thoughts may seem wrong,
now pause to relate.

if a student still sits
alone on the bench,
connect now.

like that colleague needs humanity
away from their loss;
like that system needs fighters
fired with cause;
like a silent ear listening
to all the chaos;

conversations need tending
and relationships mending,
stitch together the flaws.

if a voice is not heard
by other than you;
if you disagree to disagree,
yet want to talk it out too;
if your local screams global
and your voice is not shared;
step up and step out,
like you were dared.

if you want
to talk with me

do it.