this is sam ~ WKWAB vol2 issue5 prompt35

Greetings Creatives,

This is sam.

My son has created hundreds of sams.

Once in a while sam will have a wheel, or a flower, or an antennae. But most times two bricks are enough.

Only recently my son explained that he has been making sam’s as long as he can remember.

When I first saw these bi-colour creations scattered all around the basement I had no idea about their importance to my son and his lego universe.

The secret for my son’s creative spirit is less about finalizing an idea as it is about agreeing with an idea as it forms.

His sam study perfectly aligns with everything that I think I miss often these days with my pieces – acceptance of the piece as it is and as it emerges.

And it isn’t often that I land as elegantly as my son on a simple design that holds my complex feels and my satisfaction equally.

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