another message
a subject line

a flat assumption
that you are
owed my time

and a reminder
what’s mine is yours
but mine ain’t mine.

no matter
what i’ve said
or redefined

about changing our
for the thousandth time

you hear
your own voice only
saying ‘like this, is just fine.’

4 thoughts on “verisimilitude

  1. ooh – this is good. I once had a principal who regularly sent messages that simply said, “Please see me at your convenience.” I took to writing back to him, every time, “Topic?” He was not amused – but I was.

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    1. yep. i was osstf branch prez for a stretch and that was one of my top 5 suggestions to members for managing power flex from any leader. ask for details. in this case though the antagonist is a family member. 😅

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